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The Arabic term habibi is a term of endearment that means 'beloved' or 'my love'.

If you haven't noticed by now, I have a clear love of palm trees. If you have been lucky enough to travel to any island holiday destination or you even have one in your backyard you will understand that love. Palm trees create such an inviting atmosphere, immediately transporting you to warm Summer, ocean breeze days relaxing in their shade. It is impossible to feel stressed sitting underneath these trees. I feel there may just be pure magic interspersed between their leaves.

Did you know that up to 100 species of this tree are on the endangered list? Deforestation and unsustainable cultivation practices are the biggest dangers to these trees. One palm type Hyophorbe amaricaulis is the most rare and there is only 1 left in the world at the Botanic Gardens of Curepipe in Mauritius.


  • Personal information and NEW extended icon key and moon phases
  • Health & wellness page
  • NEW Dream Life Designer blueprint - goal, habit & routine. A plan for success.
  • Bucket list
  • Travel planner holiday planner & packing list
  • Self-care & stress reduction page
  • Yearly reading list: 35 books
  • Yearly home maintenance calendar
  • 2024 Double page year at a glance calendar 
  • Brain dump page
  • NEW Prompts section. Ideas for yearly, monthly, weekly & daily planning
  • 12 Full colour divider pages with month tabs for easy paging
  • NEW Monthly journal question prompt
  • Monthly budget tracker and planner
  • Month calendar. All months have Saturday & Sunday together for a more organized and aesthetic planning experience
  • Full monthly goals page 
  • Weekly meal planner, shopping list & daily vitamin tracker
  • Weekly goals planner page (exclusive to the weekly planner)
  • Weekly spread to track*
  • Monthly reflection page
  • Monthly habit/goal tracker & 31 day sleep tracker
  • Yearly reflection
  • Extra notes pages


  • Daily morning & evening routine trackers
  • Daily step counter
  • Daily water tracker
  • Daily goals planner and PROOF tracker
  • Daily appointments from 05:00-19:00 in 30min slots
  • Saturday & Sunday share a page
  • A page ruler that marks "TODAY" with time block cut outs for 1 - 4 hours
  • Top daily priorities
  • Daily gratitude
  • NEW JOY icon. plan your day around joy!
  • Icons to track: weight training, cardio, yoga, prayer/meditation/manifestation (See our sticker range for extra tracking stickers)
  • Extra long weekly to-do list
  • A clear plastic sleeve


Colours may appear different on different devices. Please contact us with any questions about colours or size before purchasing.  Please note no refund will be available on pre-orders as they are made special for you. Please make sure you order the correct planner "daily/weekly" In the event where there are not enough orders a refund will be given. Notebook not included. Please also note e-books and downloadable affirmation cards are not physical products.

Visit @avaroseonlineshop and look at "2024 Daily" under highlights for a full explanation on how all the pages were designed to be used.

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