Q: What makes Ava Rose the planner of choice?

A: Our planners are made for the woman that wants more than just high-level organization. Ava Rose's design is a feeling, a way of living. Prioritizing joy and the pleasures life has to offer above all else. It's about gentle living, achieving your goals, but doing it in a manner that feeds your soul and enriches your being. Live an organized and extraordinary life. Discover more, enjoy more and be really happy. Exceptional quality and flawless craftsmanship you will not find elsewhere. With an unrivalled attention to detail and aesthetics, you will not only organize every aspect of your life but start to romanticize life and embrace your main character energy. Every planner comes with our secret formula, the DREAM LIFE DESIGNER blueprint that will assist you in planning the life you want. Our gorgeous selection of feminine bookmarks, notebooks and other accessories are designed to be the perfect compliment to your life planner and will leave you standing out from the crowd. The entire Ava Rose planner collection is designed and manufactured in South Africa. 

All our paper products are FSC certified. The paper is harvested and produced in a responsible manner.


A: We sell all our planners and other paper products on a pre-order basis. Once pre-orders close the planners and other books go into production. Pre-orders will run: 1 August - 1 October 2023 All orders placed between 1 Aug - 31 Aug will be delivered mid October and all orders placed between 1 Sep - 1 Oct will be delivered mid November, exact delivery dates will be communicated closer to the time. Please note that they only go into production once pre-orders for that block closes and it takes about 6 weeks for them to be made. You will receive them with ample time to prepare for the new year. You are always welcome to drop a DM or an email with any questions admin@avaroseshop.com During the pre-orders we also run our ONLY special for the year. We do not offer other specials on planners on any extra stock (if there is any after the pre-orders, we are still deciding if we will keep a small amount of stock) they will be sold at their full price, (see website). You will not only receive a discount if you pre-order but also extra FREE goodies, making it very much more worth your while. We offer different payment options, the first being through "PAYFAST", the second being through "PAY JUST NOW" to pay off your order interest free over 3 months (You need an account with "PAY JUST NOW"). Please just note, you will obviously start paying off your order before you have received it. We do not keep lots stock during the year and want to offer you a variety of cover options to suit everyone’s preferences but it is impossible for us to gauge what will sell the best. This way everyone gets what they want, and no unsold products end up in a landfill somewhere, making Ava Rose a more environmentally friendly option. Please note the stock on bookmarks is not unlimited like the planners and other products, once they sell out, that might be it for them, so make sure you get your order in fast to avoid disappointment. Planner, notebook & manifestation pad stock is unlimited, even if 10 000 planners get ordered, as long as they are ordered during the pre-orders, they will get made.

Q: How long does delivery take?

A: Only when pre-orders close, do all orders go into production, which can take around 6 weeks, from date of closing (this is just an estimate, we try to allow time for loadshedding issues). Once we receive stock, you will receive an email from us with all your shipping and tracking information. Your delivery date will depend on when you ordered, and also if you added extra products to your order later on (which you are always welcome to do, DM us for a shipping code if you have already paid for shipping, but would like to add something extra to that original order) the whole parcel will get sent out with the next round of shipments. We do updates on our Instagram stories during the waiting period, so that you know exactly how far your order is. You are always welcome to send us an email at admin@avaroseshop.com or a DM if you have any questions.

All extra stock ordered (Planners, notebooks, manifestation pads, stickers etc) from 1 November will ONLY be shipped end of November. Shipping details will be sent via email and updates about delivery will be on our Instagram stories. Please check it out.

Q: Can I choose different planner options?

A: Yes! We have added the “Day spread life planner” back into our product line – it has had a complete makeover in design - you will now get to choose between daily and weekly editions, both available in our 6 beautiful cover designs. Please note that both planners have the same number of pages, therefore the weekly does have extra note pages and some other extra planning pages that the daily cannot house. Make sure to choose the one that is right for you. Your order cannot be changed or refunded once it has been placed. Your order is made up specially for you. If you are unsure send us an email before you order and we will be happy to assist.


Q: How to choose the right cover.

A: For 2024 we have 2 collections for you to choose from: CLASSIC BY AVA ROSE & CREATIVE BY AVA ROSE Each collection is comprised of 3 different designs. The flagship Classic by Ava Rose is all about beauty, elegance, class and femininity. Creative by Ava Rose is fun, colourful and fearless. Both very distinct and different in their design and feel but equally gorgeous. Choose the cover option that most represents you, your personality and style. After all it is something that you need to use daily, so it should represent your personal brand. There is a huge amount of thought that goes in to each design, from the name to the colour palette to the final design used. Make sure you check out the "2024 covers" for each design on our Instagram page (it will be saved in the highlights and on the feed), as there may be something there that will resonate with you and help you choose the best possible option for yourself.