3 Habits of highly organized people

3 Habits of highly organized people

Ever wondered what very organized people have in common? Here are 3 things that help them stay on track:

1. Get a planner and plan your week

I can recommend a good company that sells the only planners you will ever need.  Wink wink nudge nudge…  All jokes aside this really is the absolute best way to stay organized. Schedule appointments, deadlines, birthdays, anniversaries and other important events - holidays also fall in the important category – in advance so you do not forget about anything. You can read more about how to plan your week here


Exclusive to the Ava Rose Life Planner you will find a YEARLY HOME SCHEDULE as well as a WEEKLY AND DAILY HOME SCHEDULE where you can slot in all important appointments and events, from renewing car licenses, dentist appointments and you can even slot in things like setting up the Christmas tree.

2. Declutter and tidy your environment

This is a good one, it will instantly make you feel lighter, organized and in control. Have you ever noticed how walking into a cluttered “deurmekaar” space makes you feel distressed? Your anxiety immediately goes up and you feel tense and uncomfortable. Clutter around your home can make you feel depressed and less secure and clutter around the office can make you feel burnt out and can contribute to being less productive.

In every Ava Rose planner there is a section on decluttering & tidying up to assist your on your journey to becoming more organized. Remember clutter is not only physical but can be digital and mental as well.

Making sure your environment is clean and clutter free will have a massive positive impact on your wellbeing, improving your mood and focus and make you feel less anxious and stressed out.

3. Meal prep

If you have never tried meal prepping before, this is the sign to start! It will save you so much stress during the week, especially when you get home late and are too tired to cook, I see you Mr Delivery. And with loadshedding this will most definitely help you stay organized.

It will help you save not only time but money, who doesn’t want that? Also avoid wasting food – say goodbye to the brown veggies in the bottom of the fridge drawer that you swore you were going to cook this time… I suggest batch cooking some of your favourite meals on a Sunday. Dish them into containers in the correct portion size and freeze. Some staples in our house is chickpea curry, Thia green curry and lentil veggie stew. I also batch cook some soy curls and tofu after marinating, so that has protein sorted for the week. Another idea that I make and we eat every week is overnight oats for breakfast. It’s super easy full of fiber, it's nutritious and quick to make you will find 100s of recipes on Pinterest.

Having your meals and shopping list planned out in your planner before the time will also help you know what to buy and what to cook so you do not walk around the grocery store buying everything but healthy food.

If you try any of these 3 things or maybe even all 3, let me know how they worked for you.

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