3 Common traits of every success story

3 Common traits of every success story


    To expand luck surface area and identify opportunities.


    To understand the risks and probability of success.


     To take the risks when necessary.

List advice from Sahil Bloom

Have you ever wondered why certain people have so much success?

As you plan out your goals for the year, try incorporating these 3 traits. Number 3 is extra important, because no amount of planning, curiosity and intelligence will do without the courage to go for it.

I like to imagine the absolute worst thing that can happen if I try something new. Once I know what that is, I ask "What can I do to fix/change/better that worst case scenario once it has happened?" Then I ask "Is that worst case scenario actually all that bad?" If I take my ego out of the equation, I find 99% of the time it's actually not and to be completely honest, the real issue is "are people going to look at me like I'm a loser?"

Sounds harsh, maybe, but we miss so many great opportunities because we are afraid of what others will think. Unless failure is fatal, tomorrow you will wake up and the sun will shine, your people will still love you and life will go on.

As far as we know - and I suppose it depends on what you believe - we have 1 life. Today is the youngest you will ever be, so why not go for it? Imagine for a moment it goes exactly as you planned....


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