Are you ready to manifest your every dream?

Our BRAND NEW  90 day manifestation pad is here to do just that. Filled with information on how to manifest, how to raise your vibration to keep you in that state that attracts everything you want and also what not to do.

There are 90 day pages with prompts for you to write down your daily gratitude, manifestation, your inspired action plan, as well as proof of the law of attraction showing up for you. A daily reminder before bed and upon waking will get you moving forward in the direction of your dreams.

Use the new manifestation icon in your day planner to track and make sure you do not miss a day of creating magic for yourself.

Size: 21cm x 7,5 cm. Cover art is printed on our new soft-touch lamination for an extra luxury feel. 95 pages of crisp white FSC certified paper used inside. The pad has a small white wire that binds it at the top.