Bad days do not equal a bad life

Bad days do not equal a bad life

How often do we fall victim to the idea that 1 bad day equals a bad life? (albeit some days can be truly soul crushing 😢)

I think that sometimes our problems seem bigger or worse than they are because of how we view them. Our twisted view can create a problem, where there actually isn't one. How much of our perception of things is constructed by society and current culture? Have you ever thought about that? That you are looking at things through the lens of someone else and not actually your own.

If you see yourself as a victim of your problems and you are waiting for someone to come and fix things for you, you will be living a very unhappy life. But if you see problems as opportunities for growth what an amazing and full life experience you will have.

As Katherine Russell says "Every problem has a solution; it may sometimes just need another perspective"

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