How are you living your life?

How are you living your life?

We tend to function on the premise of "when I achieve ........., I will be happy"

I hate to break it to you, but that's not going to happen. Have you noticed how the goal post just keeps moving. We may experience a momentary sense of joy and excitement, but mostly when we have achieved a goal, we move on to the next thing. The first accomplishment gets regarded as another thing done, another tick ✔ on the old to-do list when in fact it was supposed to be something to enjoy.

When we only look at big events or big things as a measure of our lives we are missing out on the living of them. How many of your days consist of not much happening? Most days, right? And that my friend, is your life. Yes, yes, the big things are part of your life, but what is happening in between them?

This is also why so many of us cannot wait for the weekend. Monday-Friday we are on autopilot and just carry on, waiting for the weekend where we get to do something fun, something we enjoy.

I challenge you to find a way to do something each day that wakes up those little butterflies in your stomach. Even if it is something small, like a Playlist of your favourite song growing up, that immediately makes you feel nostalgic and happy, just listening in the car on your commute home. Or getting to sit for 30min enjoying your favorite hot drink while reading your favorite book. Anything. But do something. I am well aware that some of us have more on our plates than others. So it will never be a one size fits all approach. It may need some serious creative, out of the box thinking.

If how we spend our days is how we live our lives, what are you doing with yours today? 💫

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